The Wednesday Afternoon Knitting Study Group

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The Wednesday Afternoon Knitting Study Group

The Wednesday Afternoon Knitting Study Group meets monthly. We have focused on a specific topic at times, and sometimes we just enjoy knitting together, discussing successes and problems.

You can download Old Shale on Ravelry at, which will let you find it easily in your own Ravelry library and keep up with updates. If you are not a Ravelry user, you can download it here

The group formed in 2011 when Mary Spanos was making up a garter stitch winter jacket and Karen Ford and Debbie Scott asked if they could make one, too. We invited others to join us and a year later we decided to keep meeting and call ourselves a study group.

The next year, Pia Cusick led a project of knitting cabled vests. In 2013, Mary Kaiser was the project leader for Fair Isle knitting. At the beginning of 2014, Terry Martin agreed to be the study leader for a lace project. In February, we painted fingering weight 2-ply wool yarn for knitting a scarf. Janice Weinstein designed a scarf pattern for us. Janice's scarf is available as a free Ravelry download at
At the end of 2014, Mary Kaiser said that she had often thought about spending an entire year knitting nothing but Old Shale, there was so many possible variations that she would never get bored. So, Mary Kaiser, Janice Weinstein, and Mary Spanos developed a plan for the knitting group to knit large swatches on which each knitter would make up different Old Shale variations. We knitted 25-inch swatches and organized them into an e-book that presents charts and instructions for every variation of Old Shale that we could think of. Click the link above to download it now!

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