Monday, August 18, 2014

Francis, the Rescue Wheel, Part 2

Work is progressing on the replacement parts for Karen's Rick Reeves wheel. Carl Spriggs, the woodworker who is making the replacement parts, sent Karen the following photos of the work in progress.

The flyer on the left shows what the finished flyer will look like and the pieces on the right are Karen's flyer parts that are partially finished. The metal shaft looks ready (and beautiful) and the walnut wood that the flyer will be shaped from are glued up. The grain in the wood is really lovely (photo by Carl Spriggs).

Karen sent the one upright that was found with her wheel (two of these hold the drive wheel) to Carl so he could match the new replacement upright exactly. In this photo, the new piece of walnut wood is still chucked in the lathe and Carl is holding the original Rick Reeves upright next to it to see if the one he is turning matches the original. You can see the metal tool rest in front, that is where Carl rests the turning tools as the lathe spins the wood and he shapes the new upright (photo by Carl Spriggs).

Work is certainly progressing quickly. We'll be christening Francis into her new life very soon!

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