Sunday, October 12, 2014

Thanks to Laura Stacy for a great presentation!

Batik by Laura Stacy

Our meeting on Saturday was great! Laura Stacy, our guest speaker, discussed her batik art. Batik is a wax resist dyeing technique. Laura's method seems like painting with dyes and wax. Laura has been painting/dyeing amazing batik pieces since she was a teenager. Currently she uses her batik fabrics to make bags, purses, and pouches, and she is moving toward creating wall hangings.

Laura described her process while showing a time-lapsed video of her work, starting from canvas on which she had drawn an octopus (Laura's designs often focus on nature: flowers, animals, insects, birds, and fish). Then came the many steps of applying melted wax, mixing dye into a painting medium, removing some wax, applying more wax, more painting, and many repeats.

Laura uses fiber reactive Procion dyes and recommended Dharma Trading Company for dye supplies.

Laura suggested two books for color inspiration: Josef Albers', Formulation: Articulation and Tricia Guild's White Hot.

Laura will be teaching batik at ArtPlay in January.

Batik by Laura Stacy

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