Thursday, June 11, 2015

An opportunity to show work

From Mary Spanos

Moonlight on the Mountain is an unusual, small, venue for live music. It is located on Shades Crest and hosts primarily singer/songwriters, many based in Nashville. The type of music varies, but it is usually a single person or a small group. My husband, Michael, is a regular there and recently talked to the owner, Keith, about the unused wall space.

What has transpired from that conversation is an invitation to textile artists to show their work at Moonlight on the Mountain. You can't sell work there, there isn't staff to handle sales, but you can show it and they will post a gallery-style label with information about the piece and your contact information.

I've attended several performances and the men and women in the audience appeared to be about the same age and income bracket as the typical guild meeting. This is a no-smoking listening room; people can bring their own drinks, but it is not a bar atmosphere in any way.

If you are interested in showing your work at this local music venue, you can find out more about Moonlight on the Mountain and find contact information for Keith, the owner, at:

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