Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jennifer Lackey and blue sock blank

Jennifer Lackey is doing something really cool with a sock blank that she painted at the recent workshop. Here you can see her sock blank, painted in shades of blue, one end is dark blue and she gradated her blue dye to create lighter and lighter stripes of blue (that is Jennifer on the left, trying to step out of the camera's frame).

 If you happened to miss the workshop and haven't had the pleasure of knitting this type of sock blank before, the blanks are two strands of sock yarn knitted together. Jennifer is knitting both strands of yarn at the same time. If you see her working on them, it looks like a single toe-up sock in progress.

Actually, a second sock toe is tucked inside the outer one and there are twice as many stitches on her needles as she would have if she was just knitting one sock. The stitches for one sock are interleaved with the stitches for the other sock. She knits with one yarn in either hand, knitting a stitch for one sock with its yarn, then knitting the next stitch--a stitch for the other sock--with the other yarn.

No matter your age, or how many socks you've knit, it was delightful, even magical, to see the inside sock pulled out!

See more photos from the workshop and post photos of what you're doing with your blanks on the guild's Ravelry page.

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