Wednesday, September 16, 2015

WWSIP! This Saturday!!

From Jennifer Lackey

YAY! We have permission to go to Aldridge Gardens in Hoover to celebrate World Wide Spin In Public day!

We'll be at Aldridge Gardens from 9am til around 2pm. We will need to bring our own chairs (and of course, wheels or spindles!). It’s always nice to have a range of things to show people so I’ll probably have hand cards and some fiber too. There are several events that day so we can’t use any of the pavilions or other structures. We’ll just have to find a nice place on the grass.

We don't know yet where we'll set up. If you are familiar with Aldridge Gardens and have a suggest, just let me know. Otherwise, I plan to arrive around 8:30 and scope us a good spot!!

Hope lots of folks can make it. (It really freaks the Muggles when we come out in force! 

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