Sunday, March 13, 2016

Fingerless Mitts and Wristwarmers for UAB Chemo Patients

Chemo treatment rooms are very cold even in summer, and patients might appreciate a pair of stylish, handmade mitts to protect cold fingers while they’re receiving treatments. Guild member Rosalynn is making and collecting several pairs of mitts for UAB chemo patients. 
If you want to contribute, guidelines are below.
Any weight of yarn 
Machine-washable: superwash wool, acrylic, cotton, etc. 
Primarily adult sizes, both men and women 
Any color or style (breast cancer pink is lovely, but consider neutrals and other appealing colors too)
Knitters and crocheters can use whatever pattern they want. Wristwarmers are a great way to learn to knit small circumferences in the round or just to use up leftover yarn. They can be short, patterned tubes with some ribbing or a little fancier according to the maker’s taste.The mitts can have thumbs, no thumbs/thumbholes, long or short, etc.
All mitts should be submitted with the fiber type or yarn name, size, and first name of the maker. Rosalynn will make some Fiber Guild tags with care instructions and gender/size/age suggestions for each pair. 
Rosalynn says "I happen to be using April Klich’s KIS Mitts, (free), to practice some simple colorwork, but they can be made plain as well."

April's KIS mitts

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  1. Excellent project, Roselynn. Knitting and crocheting are on my "things to learn" list.