Monday, August 29, 2016

Baby Booties in Memory of Little Ones

Each October there  is a special service at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens called an Annual Walk to Remember. Tiny knitted/crocheted baby booties are presented to those who have lost babies during pregnancy or afterwords. The booties are not actually worn; they are "take aways" from the service. They can be made in any pattern.  Approximately 200 pairs of booties are needed for the service, which will be held October 30, 2016 Any extra booties will be saved for next year’s event.  Free yarn, donated by In the Making, is available.

Let Nancy Clemmons know if you need more information or suggestions for patterns. 

There are lots of free patterns available on the web.

Some particularly popular ones are here:

Thank you for any contributions!

Booties made by Emily L.

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