Monday, January 30, 2017

Fabric of Life offers weaving workshop

Fabric of Life is launching thie second Väv Immersion course (from September to December 2017) through a partnership with Vävstuga Weaving SchoolBecky Ashenden is the main instructor.  This 15-week long course provides an opportunity for students to be immersed in a beautiful rural environment weaving by day and delving into other textile wonders at night for an extended period of time. The comprehensive course includes challenging projects, and extensive theory classes and covers fabric analysis, design, drafting, project planning, materials, history, weaving equipment, and business management.

This is a comprehensive course with challenging projects and extensive theory.
"Imagine being immersed in a beautiful rural environment weaving by day and delving into other textile wonders at night for an extended period of time. Inspired by the weaving class Becky took in Sweden in 1981, this comprehensive course includes challenging projects, extensive theory classes as well as an experience to be remembered for a lifetime. Acquire a deep foundational knowledge and capability of this age old craft."

Each project will be experienced in depth with ample time for designing and weaving. Practicing the skills of dressing a loom along with writing up each detailed project sheet, ensures that you will build the confidence to pursue your own path in weaving after completion of this course. Good record keeping is required, assuring that each student leaves the program with a sizable binder or two with preciously stored information. Fabric analysis sessions will strengthen and reinforce the theory behind the textile structures learned in drafting classes. Materials lectures include making invaluable sample cards of cottons, wools and linens along with the knowledge of how these various yarns are used and produced.

Prerequisites: none
Max enrollment in 2017: 8
Materials: Charged by weight (estimated $50/
week depending on amount woven, to be paid
Date offered 2017: Sept 5 – Dec 17
Course fee: $9,500 (includes all instruction and
studio time, course handouts)
Room & Board: $2,750

They have received a generous grant from the Ddora Foundation to support scholarships for students age 18-35 to attend this weaving intensive.

For more information, see their web site:

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