Monday, March 9, 2020

New Meeting Format!!

We are trying out a new meeting format at our March meeting. Show & Tell has always been an important part of our meetings. We all feel appreciated and encouraged when we get to show our work to people who really understand it and we get so inspired when we see the beautiful things our fiber friends make. As our group has grown it has become difficult to have both a program and Show & Tell at each meeting.

For the past couple of years we have tried taking a lunch break after the program and coming back for Show & Tell. Some people can't stay that long and have missed participating in everything. So we are going to try another approach. This may work or it may lead us to another idea.

10:00-10:30  Show & Tell Gallery
Bring your latest masterpiece or work in progress or new tool and place it on the long tables near the coffee pot. Put your name on a maker’s card with the item and then hang around and talk to people about your work. We hope this will allow us to keep Show & Tell as an important part of our meetings while still allowing our busy members to get everything done they need to do on meeting days.

10:30-10:45-ish  Business Meeting
A very short business meeting so everyone knows what is coming up.

10:45-ish to noon  The Program
Special programs may run to 1:00, we’ll announce that in the meeting notices.

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