Thursday, July 24, 2014

Silk Production in Dubrovnik

Mary Kaiser's sister-in-law, Sanja, wrote to Mary recently and sent pictures from her trip to the Konavle region, in Croatia this past May. Thanks, Mary, for sharing Sanja's note and photographs with us.

Dear Mary,
I thought you would like to see this - silk production and use as it has been done in Dalmatia (and many other places on the Mediterranean) since the 15th century. The photos were taken in Konavle, a beautiful valley in the hinterland of Dubrovnik, where women again grow silk worms on mulberry leaves and spin the fine threads to make their fine embroidery. I was lucky to visit this May, when I could see the worms, the moths and the cocoons. Here is more about it:
Hope you enjoy it, love,