Sunday, September 21, 2014

Last week of the 2014 guild show at the Homewood Library

This week is the last chance to see the 2014 guild show at the Homewood Library. It is a terrific show this year, including knitted, woven, handspun, and dyed pieces. The show is inspiring and beautiful every year, but this year there are an unusual number of large pieces, including Emily Levitan's large round knitted lace piece. Stunning!

 The Homewood Library is easy to get to, easy to park at, and across the street from Nabeel's, which is a great place to have lunch or dinner after you enjoy the show. In fact, that part of Homewood is full of great places to eat after you walk through the show, if you haven't had a milkshake at O'Carr's on the curve lately, now may be the time.

For those of you with items in the show, the show will be taken down on Friday, September 26. You can come to the library at 9:00 to pick up your pieces or get them at guild meeting in October.

Contact Mary Kaiser for more information.

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