Thursday, September 4, 2014

The GBFG Show at the Homewood Library. Now, until the end of the month!

The guild show at the Homewood Library is beautiful! You may have seen some of the pieces at guild meetings, but to see them all at once, in one place is fascinating. You must go see it, it will make you happy, inspired, and proud of your own work, as well as that of your friends.

Thanks to the show committee: organizing: Mary Kaiser; installation: Nancy Lavender, Karen Ford, Janice Weinstein, Deb Kattus; and, labels and signage: Mary Spanos.

Here are photos taken by Mary Kaiser just after the show was installed.

As nice as Mary's photos are, you really need to see the show in person. There are so many impressive pieces in the show this year.

If life is hectic right now and you think you don't have time to stop by the Homewood Library, you could head for the library on your lunch hour, enjoy the show, then walk over to Nabeel's (a quick walk across the street from the library), have a delicious lunch, and pick up something for dinner in their market.

It is a great show. Don't miss it!

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