Friday, January 22, 2016

Container project

Carrying on the theme of containers from the holiday gift exchange into the new year, the first guild project for 2016 on Ravelry will be to "weave a bag on a box" using Sarah Swett's booklet of the same title.

Booklet cover

Several things appealed to me about this project: we all have cardboard boxes around, or can get one easily enough (moderately sized, with flaps). Most of us have leftover yarns at hand: any strong yarn can be warp, anything can be weft (yarn of any size, roving, fabric strips…) We can play with color and texture! Stripes! Tapestry techniques! Our imaginations can roam freely; run rampant even!

Sarah sent us some photos of her bags for inspiration.  

Go ahead and order your booklet from Sarah Swett's Etsy shop for $10.  We will "officially" start the project at the February guild meeting.  If you get a head start, bring your bag-in-progress to the meeting to show off!

Questions, comments, photos of your progress and finished bag are encouraged in the "Weave a bag...on a box!" thread in Ravelry.


  1. I just ordered the booklet - kind of excited about this one!

    1. Fantastic! I think it is going to be a fun project.