Tuesday, September 10, 2019

September Guild Meeting - Fiber Frenzy!

Please join us for the annual Fiber Frenzy on our regular meeting day and time, September 14th at 10:00 a.m. From 10:00 to 11:30 we will have demonstrations, refreshments and time for members to put their raffle tickets into the proper bags. Drawing for the raffle will take place at 11:30!! So, if the door prizes are a fun part for you, please be there in time to enter the raffle (which is free).

There will be snacks, lunch and drinks available during the Frenzy. If you have special food or drink requirements, feel free to bring whatever you need.

We will once again have a “Market” with for sell and swap items. The market will open at 12:30. The Market and Fiber Frenzy end at approximately 2pm. Items can be placed in the free or for sale market areas throughout the morning. Separate sides of the Hall will be used for free and for sale; please follow the signs. For early birds bringing items for sale/swap, please give us until 9:30 before bringing your items for the market just to make sure we are all set up and ready for you.

A few things to remember for the market:
1. Items for the market should be given to those setting up the areas when you arrive…the earlier, the better for organization purposes. The areas will be clearly marked.
2. Items should be in good condition.
3. All items to be sold must have your name and the price clearly marked.
4. You are responsible for collecting your money.
5. At the end of the market, you are to take home any of your remaining items.

VENDORS: If you have a business selling fiber or fiber related items and would like a table in our market area, please see the following. (this does not include members who just have a few items they have made and want to sell).

We’re limiting vendors to what will fit on one of the round, 8-foot tables which will be set up in the side room for the sale. We will have chairs available for you and ask that vendors man their own tables during the sell. Please have everything on the table clearly marked. Vendors will only be selling during the 12:30-2:00 p.m. market hours to keep guests from wandering into the sell room before the market opens, but you are welcome to set up your table anytime during the morning. We are also asking vendors to donate a door prize to our raffle drawing ($20 or up). Please contact treasurer@greaterbirminghamfiberguild.com) to reserve a table.

Fiber Frenzy is open to all, including non-members. So, find a friend and bring them along!! If they would like to join the Guild, there is a special pro-rated price of $12.50.