Friday, January 10, 2020

January guild meeting is canceled due to weather!

The board has canceled the January guild meeting due to the weather forecast for Saturday. We hope the weather won't be as bad as predicted, but we don't want guild members to take a chance on the roads. Please take care and enjoy having a little extra time this weekend to spin, or knit, or weave, or tat, or crochet, or dye...

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Weather watch and Saturday's guild meeting

The guild board has been discussing how to handle the weather forecast and Saturday's scheduled guild meeting. We plan to wait for the Friday evening news and weather forecasts and then make a decision. By that time the weather people should have a good handle on what is going to happen on Saturday. We'll post our decision about whether we'll have our Saturday meeting or not during the evening Friday and also send an email to the guild membership email list.

I just blocked a lace scarf that I finished on December 31, 2019. I really hope we will meet on Saturday so I can bring it for Show and Tell!

January 2020 Guild Meeting

Greater Birmingham Fiber Guild Meeting
January 11, 2020

Mark your calendar and plan to attend the meeting of the Greater Birmingham Fiber Guild which will be held on the second Saturday of January, 2020.

Date: January 11, 2020
Time: 10:00am til 2:00pm
Place: Hoover Church of Christ Fellowship Hall on the lower level

Program: Show and Tell

Bring: Your ONE Favorite project that you created or finished

Bring: Your dues for 2020

Coffee, water and a light snack will be provided and we will break for lunch which you may bring or go pickup from the nearby shops.

***WEATHER WARNING!! Severe weather is currently forecast for Saturday. Check your online guild sources Saturday morning before heading out to the meeting. If it appears to be dangerous weather, the meeting will be canceled. Cross your fingers that the weather won't disrupt anything, guild included, on Saturday.