Friday, February 11, 2022

February Guild Meeting this Saturday

Program: DIY Yarn Rosettes

Date: February 12th 2022

Time: 10:00am until 12:00pm 

Place: Zoom meeting room (see member's email for connection information)

Let's celebrate Valentines day and learn to make some yarn rosettes. Several years ago, member Ruth Truett shared her yarn rosettes with the guild and they were such a big hit that we decided to re-visit this great technique for using bits of precious handspun or left-over beautiful yarns. Any yarns will work, but it is probably easier to learn the technique with worsted weight yarn. 

Find rosette attachments on the emails sent to members about this meeting.

In the original email, there are two attachments. One is an outline to make the cardboard circle ‘loom’ that will be needed. There is a printable handout with instructions for making the rosette. The last email sent contained a phone and table version of the handout. Both the print and screen-ready versions of the handout contain the same information. 

Bring some yarn scraps, a cut out card board circle based off the attachment, a yarn needle, and scissors. 

We will teach you the technique for the rosettes. If you have any other rose, flower or valentines day fiber decoration process that we can all learn you can share that afterwards.