Friday, May 30, 2014

Guild Fall Show and the Exhibit Form

For more than fifteen years, the Homewood Library has hosted our annual Guild exhibit. This is a great opportunity to have our best work on display in a well-attended, museum-quality setting for an entire month.

The Homewood Show provides our guild with multiple opportunities. It allows professional fiber artists to show their work, but even more importantly, it’s a chance for those of us who don’t sell our work to display the beautiful things we make where they can inspire the public and attract new guild members.

This year’s theme is the use of natural fibers, including wool, cotton and other plant fibers, silk, rayon, and tencel.  Pieces can be knitted, handwoven, handspun, felted, tatted, embroidered, crocheted, or in bobbin lace. 

Please bring your finished piece or pieces (no limit), with an exhibit form (download form), to either the June or the August guild meeting.  We will prepare a museum-quality label for each piece, based on the information on your form. That information will also allow us to track and protect your work, and get it back safely to you at the October guild meeting.

We will be setting up the show on Friday, August 29, and taking the show down on Tuesday, September 30. If you would like to help with either day, we’d welcome you. More information will appear in the August and September newsletters.

Download the exhibit form. Fill out a copy of this form for each piece you want to have included in the show and bring those forms with your work when you deliver it to the show set-up crew.

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