Friday, September 11, 2015

Studio sale!

From Victoria Moore:

I have the following items for sale here in Birmingham:

LK 150 mid gauge knitting machine still in box with extra needles and sponge bar  $325. Video for  LK 150  $25. Machine knitting books also available. The YouTube videos for setting up and using this machine are great

Ashford blending board.  Nearly new in box. $170

Mirrix 22 inch Zach Beading and Tapestry Loom with all the bells and whistles including bottom spring bar with extra springs, additional heddle bar to weave twill, 100 heddles and I will give free warping lesson for beading or tapestry to get you started.  $450
Mirrix site has online tutorials and videos to help using this loom.

You may contact me at Thank you Victoria

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