Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Sock Project

The Sock Project is underway! Join us on Ravelry at

You'll see three threads that have labels beginning with "Sock Project." There is a thread for the Cuff Down sock knitters to post how they knit socks and for new cuff down knitters to ask questions. There is a thread for Toe Up knitters to post their techniques and get help. And there is a general sock discussion thread for the Common Ground ideas.

There is a schedule for each thread that is basically one phase of the sock knitting process (casting on, knitting the heel, etc.) which runs one week per topic right now. If it seems that we need more time for something, we'll slow things down. You can see the schedule at the beginning of each thread. There is also more information about The Sock Project.

This week the Cuff Down knitters are casting on and knitting a cuff, while the Toe Up knitters are casting on and knitting a toe. On Common Ground, we're discussing our favorite sock yarns. Not surprisingly, so far everyone has a different favorite yarn!

Please join in the discussion! Write about the details of how you like to knit socks, learn new tips and techniques from other sock knitters, or learn to knit socks from some of the really great sock knitters who you've seen knitting socks at guild meetings. Or, just stop by for a little knitting company.

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