Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Notes, links, and video from the November Guild meeting

Miriam Omura gave a fascinating and inspiring presentation on dyeing and weaving ikat, including the work of several ikat artists and her own work with dyeing and weaving double ikat. Double ikat designs are  painted on both the warp and the weft before the cloth is woven. Miriam's work is beautiful and amazing, and it was inspiring to see it and hear about her process.

Visit her web site to see more of her work: http://miriamnorris.com/

Miriam showed us two videos from other artists who work in ikat. You can see those videos online:

Andrea Donnelly, https://vimeo.com/49450900


Hildur A. Jonsson, https://vimeo.com/62646272

Miriam had great handouts for us with instructions on two ikat methods and you can download copies of those from here.

Show and Tell is one of the best parts of every guild meeting, it is inspiring to see what everyone is working on. At this meeting we had a real treat from Jen Lackey who shared her sock project with us a couple months ago on this blog (you can see that here). She left the last few stitches to knit at the meeting and then shared the magic moment of separating the hidden, internal sock from the external sock. Congratulations Jen!

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