Thursday, March 20, 2014

Congratulations to Barbara Mitchell, her work is in Scared Threads, a national art quilt show

Above is a photo and a close-up of guild member Barbara Mitchell's art quilt, “Prayers at the Wailing Wall.” 

From Barbara:

I created it last year after a trip to Israel in late 2012.  For me, the visit to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem was one of the most moving moments of my trip.  The wall is very high and made of large stone blocks.  People write prayers on slips of paper and tuck them into crevices between the blocks.  I printed prayers on silk and also used fabrics with writing, and hand-stitched them to the quilt.  I used green yarns to represent the bits of lichen and ferns that sprout.  Since I generally use a lot of bright color, it was a challenge to me to create something with pale colors.

My art quilt was juried into a national art quilt show called Sacred Threads; see for more information. some of the quilts in the show.   This exhibition was started to give artists a safe place to show quilts dealing with themes related to inspiration and spirituality.  The biennial exhibition consisted of about 200 art quilts and was in the Washington DC area in July 2013.  My quilt was one of about 40 chosen to go on to a gallery in Omaha, NE, in the fall.  This year, it is one of 25 quilts on tour.  It will be in national quilt shows in Savannah and Denver in March and April, and then another gallery in Seattle in May.  I’m so pleased that my art work is on the road and that it is being shown to so many people.

Congratulations to Barbara for the well-deserved recognition. A note to guild members, Barbara will be presenting a hands-on program for the guild on June 14. Save the date!

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