Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pop's Red Sweater

Lisa Lee, one of the newer members of our guild, lost her father last year. In the photograph below, you can see Pop wearing his favorite red cashmere sweater, sitting with Lisa's mother, and surrounded by grandchildren. Lisa came across his red cashmere sweater as she was helping her mother with that difficult task of trying to decide what to do with the things their loved one had left behind.


At a knitting study group meeting, Lisa discussed the possibility of re-using the yarn from this iconic garment to make mementos for herself, her mother, and her sister, and she came up with a great plan!

While tossing back Bloody Mary's at the beach, Lisa and Karen Ford carefully dismantled the sweater, unraveled the pieces, and wound the red cashmere yarn into skeins.  They washed the curly yarn in dish washing liquid, letting it soak for a while, then rinsed it, squeezed out as much water as they could, and then laid it on the table out on the screened porch to dry.


Lisa is knitting scarves for her mother, her sister, and herself with the yarn from her father's cashmere sweater. She finished the first scarf in time to give it to her mother on Valentine's day this past February. Below is a picture of Mary Claire, wearing this very special Valentine's day present from Lisa and Pop.

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