Thursday, January 8, 2015

At Saturday's meeting: workshop registration and dues

Do you know where your checkbook is? You might want to find it and bring it to the meeting on Saturday. There are two items of business to be handled.

First, it is time to pay your 2015 dues ($25). If you joined the guild at the 2014 September meeting (the Fiber Frenzy) or later, then you do not owe dues for 2015. If you are not sure when you paid, you can ask Nancy Lavender, our treasurer, at Saturday's meeting.

Second, we are very excited about Terry Martin's upcoming weaving workshop (see more information here). It is a great opportunity to get started or re-energized in weaving with a very talented weaver who is excited about turning more people into happy and knowledgeable weavers. For the attendees, one especially helpful feature of this particular workshop is that the number of students is being kept low so that everyone can get as much help and attention as they need. However, this means that you need to sign up quickly for the remaining slots. At the moment, the registration is open just for guild members, but very soon non-guild members will be able to register. So, if you are interested in weaving, sign up at the meeting this Saturday!

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