Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year's Commitments

Text and photographs by Karen Ford

For me the month of January is devoted to identifying and trying to complete (either by knitting or ripping) the dreaded UFOs (unfinished objects).

First, I find all of my UFOs and lay them out on the dinning room table.

Second, I decide what work is left to be done on the ones that I'll finish and what should just be ripped out.

There is a jacket that just needs 5 more inches on the body and the I-cord edging. Two scarves, the purple one (that I dyed) will probably be ripped out to become something else. There are three shawls: I'd like to finish the red one for this winter, and, (sigh) the purple one is the fifth of its kind, and the third one has a long way to go!

There are two Wingspan shawls, the Noro Wingspan is for summer, the other one is the gorgeous yarn I got from our Knitting Study Group Dirty Santa present exchange this year and I hope to finish it before the next meeting. There are five pairs of socks in progress. Yes, five!

So, now they have been identified, the next step is to prioritize them. I think there is only one to be ripped, the purple scarf. I want to finish the Wingspans, the red shawl, and the purple shawl, in that order. The jacket will be a concurrent project as I get pretty sick of knitting on it (a run of cold weather would probably inspire me to get on with it).

The socks are easy, I'll ditch the pair on the needles that I hate, then I'll knit the pair that use the yarn that Terry Martin dyed, then the black socks, the red socks, and, finally, the holiday socks because I can't wear them until the end of the year anyway.

Now I'll put them all in plastic bags and gather the bags into a big basket. Then I can start chipping away.

I never do anything without help, but Molly the cat couldn't stay awake for the whole process.

This yearly task is done and my UFOs are calling my name, but this won't stop me from starting other projects after January is over!

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